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Upcoming litters

this year puppies will come after 
My pure Dream Go on Gambler and Frebonas the love of my life Destiny. matings done. puppies in Sepetember.
                 My pure Dreams Go on Gambler og
         Frebonas Evangeline the star 
this year to...
Matings done puppies in September. 
Sweet indeed Troy x Frebonas Hillary Duff
PUPPIES will be in 2019 
Matings done Puppies in September.
All puppies will be longcoated 
colours will be cream & black variants 
Planing for 2020.
My Pure Dream One Direction and Frebonas the love of my life Destiny.
Here you will be able to see our upcoming mating plans.
If you are interessed in a puppy from one of the combinations, then don't hesitate contacting me.
Pia Nyby Jensen | - Denmark | Tlf.: +45 20 98 53 84