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Buying a puppy

When you want to reserve a puppy from us, you have to put down a deposit: 3.000 kr. - This will NOT be return if you regret your decision. However it will be taken out off the full prize when the puppy is all payed.

In our kennel, the puppies leave home when they are between 8½-10 weeks old. When the individuel puppy is ready to leave
evaluated after it's psyche, weight and ect.
It's possible to be written up for a puppy, and the deposit will be payed when the puppies are born. However first when the puppies are 4 weeks old.

First when the puppies are 5 weeks old will it be possible to come and see them. It's important that the mother and puppies have some peace and rest  the first couple of weeks. And it's also so i can see how the puppies

When you contact me about a puppy, please tell me some things about your life, job, home and ect. 

Our puppies gets DKK/FCI pedigree, and it's also here we show our dogs. We do NOT sell puppies without a pedigree.

We reserve the right to say no to the possible buyer, if we do not feel the chemistry is there between
puppy and you

We attach great importance to our dogs come out to the right and loving homes.

I would love to hear from my puppy buyers about the puppy, how it develops and ect.
Ang I would love a grown up picture, weight and ect. :)
Here can you see what you get, when you buy a puppy from us:

Health book
Chipped og registrated in DHR
1 x vaccination
Puppy pack that cover the basic needs
DKK pedigree
1 bed
3 x deworming
Pia Nyby Jensen | - Denmark | Tlf.: +45 20 98 53 84